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Government Internal Affairs Investigations

We conduct comprehensive internal investigations for law enforcement and other governmental agencies. Our investigations are conducted professionally, but most importantly, we conduct our investigation in an independent, fair, and impartial manner.

In all of our investigations, our job is to be the fact-finder, whether good or indifferent for our client.

We do not manipulate facts, steer interviewees so that the outcome is in favor of any organization, nor do we hide the truth with false documentation. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for clients that do not want the truth or facts to be disclosed. We take pride in our work and stand behind our principle of “Integrity”.

Our internal investigation services reduce the chance of the investigation being compromised because there isn’t a conflict of interest- working relationship, dating relationship, unfriendly relationship, or vested interest from our investigators. How can an investigation with employees that have most likely had various relationship encounters with the involved parties be neutral, unbiased, and reliable? 

 It can’t – it is not fair and it is not impartial.


A 3rd-party investigation increases and maintains the integrity of an investigation better than an internal investigation.  


•  Provide employees and community members a sense of protection and support to
report an incident.  

•  Provide the agency with documentation that an unbiased and a third-party investigation was performed.  

•  Strengthen the agency’s position as a fair and equal opportunity employer.  

•  Receive the highest level of Integrity while conducting an investigation.  

•  Provide employees with an unprejudicial and independent investigation. 

•  May foster a better working relationship between the agency and their employees.  

•  Receive professional investigation services by highly qualified personnel.  

•  J.A. Investigative Services has acquired extensive experience in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.   

•  Our insight will allow our investigators to ask the right questions, be familiar with terminology and procedures, know the police culture and have the ability to connect and engage with witnesses during the investigation.

All Investigations will be performed professionally and confidentially.

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