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EEO Personalized Services

Does your business need personalized WORKPLACE HARASSMENT prevention services?

We are the consultants that can help you keep your employees safe and protect your business!

We address issues of:

* Workplace Harassment

* Sexual Harassment

* Discrimination

* Retaliation

We WILL uniquely tailor our service to meet the needs of your employees by allowing business owners/management supervisory personnel to contract us as their company’s (Title VII) EEO Representative.

Consultant Services

  • Personalize services to suit the needs of your business.
  • Review of current harassment/discrimination policy.
  • Confidential work culture assessments.
  • Leadership/management training.
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention training.
  • Provide employees access to a neutral investigative party.
  • Assist management with addressing discrimination and harassment issues.
  • Assist management with addressing workplace violence issues.
  • Assist management with addressing sexual harassment issues.
  • Address unconscious discrimination in the hiring process.
  • Services and site visits can include 2nd and 3rd shifts, weekends and holidays.
  • EEO contact posters in at least 2 areas of your facility.
  • Assist with verbal counseling with employee/management
  • Up to 12 hours of preventative training (per year).
  • Email notification and visual reminders for site visits.
  • Confidential pre/post employment assessments.
  • Detailed monthly to quarterly reports of services performed.
  • And, much more!


A company benefits from our consultant services because we will teach your organization’s leadership personnel to take a proactive approach to “why” hostile conflicts may occur among their employees.  This approach puts leadership personnel in front of the problem, instead of reacting after an issue has arise.  Also, it can tremendously DECREASE the number or unsafe and harassing incidents, therefore, making the environment safer for all employees.


In addition to providing the above services, your company/organization can receive:

  • Documented preventative measures and training.
  • Receive site training and visits to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination.
  • A discount for this service if the client’s employees attend our EEO Preventative Training and Education course.
  • Choice of 6-month, 1-year, or 2-year contract, with renewable options available.
  • Our rates are very reasonable and could save your company tens of thousands of dollars annually.
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